Calzoleria Rivolta | Derby 1883 HERITAGE 301
Calzoleria Rivolta | 1883 Heritage
Calzoleria Rivolta | Heritage
Calzoleria Rivolta | Pannetti

1883 Heritage 301

Derby with large buckle

Anilveau full-grain calf leather
Hand-welted Goodyear
Rivolta Signature leather sole with hand-engraved antislippery
Franco Rivolta last

Handmade in Italy

Customization available on request.
Size guide.

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Product Description

The Derby Rivolta range includes some iconic models, like the two eyelets, with a unique upper compared to British ones, proposed by Franco Rivolta in the early ‘40s and the four eyelets, plain and with bellow tongue.

The large buckle of the Rivolta 1883 Heritage 301 is an exclusive Rivolta design, stylistically light, as evinced by the slim borders and harmonious moving parts.

This buckle is designed to match the rectangular buckles of the Rivolta belts.